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        Dear Sir/Madam,

        I would like to send you my warmest greetings from Zabljak, Durmitor, Montenegro from Miso Vojnovic. I have made a small business here in Zabljak that is composed of modern car camp and highly luxurious apartments and small houses so I would like to present to you my camp and apartments as a touristic base.

        Most of all I would like you all to “Feel the Breath of Durmitor” which is truly unique and precious gem of Europe still undiscovered and undamaged by industry or any other mean of pollution typical of Western Europe. Montenegro is radiating with a Wild Beauty and clean air. This is proven by existence of endangered wild animals able to flourish only on rare places as clean and ecological as this.

        My firm is called "Razvrsje" after the place where I live and accordingly my camp and apartments bear this name. Camps and Apartments are located not far from the city center of Zabljak. There are two option concerning roads with which to reach the center of the City. One way, a shortcut is 800 meters from the Center of the City, and the other way which is better, and easier but a little bit longer directly from the center of the City till the Bus station (400 meters) onward from the Bus Station(Gas Station) 550 meters -direction Niksic, there is a blue sign with the name Razvrsije written on it, located on the right side of the road which lead directly to my place. And also there is a table with information for Auto camp, Apartments, Razvrsije. From this point 750 meters to the end of asphalt road where is the location of my camp and apartments and one very important point is that it is located in one of the most attractive places in whole Zabljak closely surrounded with forests of various types and the view is absolutely stunning since you can see the Mountains massive as well as meadows, and is very close to the most famous lake existing in Montenegro "Black lake".

        I can assure you that I have a unbeatable integrity and principle according to which I can guarantee the same price and services condition for all people nevertheless of their financial status, religious orientation, the business they are in and such... because I have only professional touristic interests from my guests and I am passionate in this job since I am working alone on my promotion and so far I have had many recommendations from my guests.

        I will provide anything that my guests are in need for and my policy is that if the guest happened to ask for something that I don't have, the next day I will have this arrangements.

        Come and visit us, experience the charms of untouched nature of Montenegro. "Only one view at the Durmitor stimulates the greatest sense of respect toward nature. Only one sound of River Tara reminds the sense of inner peace. Infinite green once captured by the sight always stays in the memory. If Durmitor is a strength, and Tara peace, and you want to save this fortune for those who are coming, then you understand why it was all worth fighting for".


        SPECIAL DISCOUNT: for people with disabilities, invalids, children, excursions, hiking society, alpinists, provisions for safety, motorcyclists, cyclists, speleologists, ecological society, the ski clubs, rafting clubs, students, student organizations, geologists, archaeologists, biologists, all organized groups, humanitarian disaster relief organizations that help people (especially children). Discount or a special gift with people who book through the Internet and pay.