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        It is important to say in Zabljak all four seasons are ideal for all types of passive and active vacation, which means that there are great possibilities to deal with all kinds of sport. Guests can actually deal with the alpinism, mountaineering, orienteering, paragliding, cycling, jeep safari, rafting on Tara, hunting, fishing, picking of medicinal herbs, forest fruits and mushrooms ...

        In addition to the apartment and auto-camp the guests are able to rent jeep- Lade Nive, small buses, bicycle-Monte Bike, small moped. All of this is available at one place. I organize different kinds of tours with or without provided professional guidance around mountains and canyons with all provisions and required transport services. I organize the rafting (with the option of 1,2,3,4,5 days) along the river "Tara" and also we are offering something that is only possible to do with my organizational expertise which is the rafting along the river Tara - 86 km for 1 day and adrenalin rafting throughout April and May.

        Rafting is done with the maximum level of professionalism, care and safety with complete equipment for rafting along with first aid equipment. We are organizing meals (barbeque, handmade food,...) for guests next to the river - guests are able to eat and drink as much as they like and the price is included for all of the services at the pricelist of rafting,...

         For the guests of apartments visiting us in the winter time, we have 200 pares of skis carving, 50 pares of snowboards, and 50 pares of skis for langlauf. All of this is available with the shoes whose number ranges from the size 20 to 52. We organize transport to the ski lift, provide ski passport, have qualified ski schools, the possibility to organize extreme skiing and boards outside of pathway. For the guests who want, we offer mechanic sledges for rent.

        For the children I have thought of providing different kind of toys-jeeps with accumulator, small children bicycles, bicycles Monte Bike. My offer includes different kind of small pedaling cars, rocking chairs, and small plastic pool for children, kindergarten.


        All of the guests have broadband internet access, 24 hours/day and the use of phones. The prices for all this services are very low. In the camp there is a special room where guests can watch TV with the access to satellite programs, use DVD and also they can rent DVD movies with the collection of 800 from all genres available.

        From my camp there are many marked roads to all direction, including Black Lake (which is 20 minutes walk from the camp) as well as for all directions toward mountains peaks. At my place in camp, guests are provided with every possible information they might be interested in and also at the same time they can buy every kind of maps especially provided with information to free climbing for Durmitor as well as for the rest of Montenegro, and also to buy new touristic guides for Montenegro, Postcards with the most beautiful sites around, and also they can see various sort of promotion and pictures from other camps from Montenegro, they can reserve their staying there with the discount for the accommodation because I have arrangement with all touristic agencies existing in Montenegro since we work together as the ambassadors of touristic offer..

        The guests from the apartments are able to rent car with the prices which are very low, and also at the same time I or someone of my people can give them a lift to the canyon or mountains so their climbing time can be saved - for instance I drive my guests from camp to the "Sedlo"- one of the very important mountain peaks which means they would arrive at the "Bobotov Kuk" -the highest peak in Montenegro for 2 and a half to 3 hours. If they were to take regular tour which begins from Black Lake it would take at least 6 hours which means that my services would shorten their time twice and give them more comfort when free climbing. Very soon, I have planed to make a map of Durmitor with GPS quots.