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        As for the Auto-Camp, it is proportionally modern and well equipped and is working without flaw. This is the opinion of the guests arriving from all 4 sides of the world for the last few years.There is a lighting provided throughout the camp along with the houses for dogs. In the camp, there are 30 immobile tools and chairs for sitting of the guests. And also there are predicted 2 places for the guests in case of raining, also I own 5 extra quality big tents and each one of them can accept up to 60 persons. They are available at anytime or in case of raining. Campers are able to sit, eat, and prepare food - because in the tent there is a stove. Campers who come here without tent can sleep there and also can organize different kind of parties and celebration or in case of raining and their tents are not well equipped for such a condition they can place their own tents below this big one without any problem.

        There is available use of laundries. The camp is equipped with bathrooms, every bathroom has warm water, shower bath, toilets, byde. There are kitchens for all of the guests in camp, which includes, fridge, utilities for eating, and tables for serving the food and sitting. In the camp on many places there are ecological bins. There are also predicted places for drying the cloths.In fact I have everything that might be required from my guests for the full comfort of their needs.



        My offer includes 50 beds and they are all placed in various kinds of fully furnished apartments, small houses and big houses. In each of the apartments there are brand new, great quality beds, complete kitchens (stove, fridge with complete utility), TV, DVD, digital satellite and the modern bathrooms (including bides). I have apartments intended for 2,3,4,5,6 persons and at the same time I have small and big houses for 3, 6, 12 and 20 persons. All apartments are provided with central heating system. Many houses and apartments have it's own gardens and terraces with incredible views only typical of Montenegro. Every house and apartment have it's own parking place. Especially I would like to emphasize that all of them are new and I have focused all my attention that every possible detail is satisfied....



        Guests are provided with all conditions to prepare the food in the apartments and guests who are willing to try the national cuisine are able to order the food according to their wish. All the food is prepared in the traditional way including plates made from clay. This way of serving food is considered to be of great quality and has used to be done so for several hundred years in the area of Montenegro.

        Guests at my ranch with the preference for industrial food are able to buy the food and drink according to the prices established everywhere in Montenegro. The provisions that I am offering include handmade bread as well as industrial, all kind of meat, sausages, handmade tea, handmade alcoholic drinks (Sljivovica, Jabukovaca-apple made alcoholic drink which is traditional in Montenegro, Kruska- pear based alcoholic drink, Kajsijevaca- apricot based alcoholic drink, Handmade white and red Wine, beer, all kind of juices - aside from handmade, there are coca-cola, fanta and the kind,.., different kind of traditionally made cheese, kajmak- unique Montenegrian product made from milk, Milk, Yogurt,... In fact they are able to have everything they want because I have available all stores in Montenegro along with wider surrounding.